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Rhodric Ellis

Rhodric Ellis

Rhoderic L. Ellis passed away from a heart attack in January 2016. He was the first cousin of Faith Julian and was never married.

Deceased Classmate: Leon Rhoferic Ellis
Obituary Link: Wednesday Journal - printef May 31, 2016
Date Of Birth: July - 22 -1944
Date Deceased: November-21-2015
Age at Death: 71
Cause of Death: Heart attack
Classmate City: Delray Beach
Classmate State: FL
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: His two sisters: Olga Ellis of Baltimore, Maryland and Faith Julian of Oak Park Illinois

A kind, generous, courageous man with a wonderful sense of humor.



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03/05/16 10:37 AM #6    

Marilyn Peterson (Ashdown)

Marilyn Peterson (Ashdown)

I used to be friends with him and we walked to and from school together with other friends. He had a great sense of humor and was always entertaining us. I am sure he enriched the lives of those around him and those he met along the way. 

03/05/16 03:36 PM #7    

Richard Guthrie

I was certainly sorry to see this news.  Rhoddy was a great person and friend through grade school, high school and for some years after.  He had immense charm and it all came so easy for him.  I never saw him ill at ease.  He had a terrific sense of humor and truly enjoyed chatting it up with people.  Women of all ages always seemed comfortable with him.  I know my mother thought he could do no wrong.  And he was a good person.  He was not naive, but I don't think I ever heard him say anything nasty about anyone.  I know for at least some years he developed convention business for major cities and large prominent hotels.  I'm sure he was really effective at it.  I regret I lost track of him, it was my loss for sure.  Rick Guthrie

03/06/16 10:16 AM #8    

Jill Stott (Pennington)

Roddy was fun and easy to be with.  One of my favorite people.  RIP.

03/06/16 04:01 PM #9    

Leni Zimmermann (Patten)


I remember Roddy well and spent many wonderful times  with the Julian family.  They were all very warm and wonderful people.  I would love to get in touch with Faith but don't know her address.  If anyone has her address, please share.



03/06/16 04:33 PM #10    

Penny Besinger (Hendricks)

Roddy always had a smile on his face when he was coming down the hall and had a keen wit. He made you laugh and was so friendly. He is remembered well and rightfully so.

03/07/16 11:36 AM #11    

William Craig

Rhoddy was one of the good guys.  I was sorry to hear of his passing.   Bill Craig

03/08/16 01:01 AM #12    

Patrick O'Kiersey

Its really been since senior year that I saw Roddy.  It's hard to be specific but I have to echo the feeling that he was one of the good guys and I too am sorry to hear of his passing. 

03/08/16 01:10 PM #13    

Joy Sligh (Corson)

Roddy and I lived across the street from one another so we were comrades. In the last three years we found each other and had a wonderful relationship. Friends to the end. I miss him terribly.

03/08/16 02:53 PM #14    

Margaret Fleck (DeBock)

Roddy was in my homeroom for 4 years and he was fun to be around. I hope he had a fulfilling



03/09/16 08:51 AM #15    

Doug Piggott

Farewell, Granny Foo Fah, may you always be the joyful soul we knew.  Rhoddy was a great and fun guy.  I got to know him when partied in HS and college when the "cocktail flag was flying on Bonnie Brae".  That is where he got the moniker, Granny Foo Fah.  His call, not ours.  I saw Rhoddy a few times on Rush St in the early 70's, we partied what else.  I later ran into him in New York, he had become an marketing executive running the "Big Apple" program for the city.  We partied, and parted friends.  I tried to reach him each time I traveled to NYC but he could not get in touch with him.  Rest well, my friend, you are missed.



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